About Us

We are Tamas and Gabor, two brothers from Pecs, Hungary, who founded the band Zajzon GT. We now live with our families in Ireland and Germany.

When we were young boys in Hungary, we played our tennis rackets just like other talented guys. As teenagers, we turned towards rock and later to folk music, but this time we used some “real” instruments. Then both of us decided to study classical music to have a better understanding of the intricacies of music in general. We still love and play these styles, but the desire to have them all together has led us to progressive rock and folk rock. In this search, we encountered the music of Jethro Tull.

Throughout the years, we have written our own songs and instrumental compositions.

Our concert programme consists of songs from Jethro Tull and our own musical compositions which could be described as: acoustic – progressive – folk – rock.

The voice of Tamas and the sound of his mandoline plus Gabor’s exquisite guitar playing and back-up vocals create a unique atmosphere.

We are very proud of the good reviews we have gotten on Youtube and from our audience after live performances. The biggest Jethro Tull fan club in the US, TheJethroTullBoard wrote the following on one of our Jethro covers:

“Best cover of Acres Wild that we’ve ever seen!”


“Love your acoustic Tull covers!”

But, instead of words, come and discover our music.